Sunday, October 26, 2008

Recommended Reading: Bill Brooks Column in the Nov. Urban Times

Bill Brooks, editor and publisher of the Urban Times, writes a monthly editorial column in his newspaper. This month's column is entitled, "Where Now The Fury Over Property Taxes?", in which Bill muses about the lack of anger over the current property tax system. The same system that brought disgruntled taxpayers into the streets in 2007. The same anger that helped bring down a heavily favored incumbent Mayor, even though he had no direct responsibility for the flawed system.

Bill Brooks understands where the real blame lies, the Indiana General Assembly and that it is not a partisan issue, it's not a Democrat or Republican issue, it's an incumbency issue.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy as soon as possible. It's a very interesting read. The column is on page 58.

Oh, and by the way be sure to look at page 24 also.

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