Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Mad Hatter's Tea Party

This afternoon I recieved an email from the "Indiana Defenders of Liberty" organizers Duane & Dot Ott. This email was attempt to stiffle discussion of 3rd Party Movements on their email list. We all know which 3rd Party is the largest and who they fear will "steal" their conservative votes.

Granted, they did suggest that such disscussion could be taken to group disscussion folders. This reminds me of how the Republican mainstream dealt with Dr Paul and his supporters at their last National Convention. (A site for them to gather was provided several blocks from the Convention Hall in a parking lot.)

The most offensive, in my opinion, portion of the letter is extracted below along with the reply I sent in response.

"In the same vain, discussions of 3rd party movement & recruitment need to also be moved to the Message Board for discussion. The IndianaDOL & the Indiana Tea Party understand the historical importance & urgency of regaining control of both branches of Congress (both state & federal) in this 2010 election cycle, & we can not encourage the development of 3rd party movements with no realizable opportunity of impact, except to split the conservative vote. Members are welcome to debate the 3rd party perspective, but take that discussion to the Message Board, establish your topic & debate it with those who chose to join. "

As a committed member of such a "3rd Party movement", the Libertarian Party, and the Vice-Chair of its Marion Co. affiliate, I take extreme umbrage at this suggestion. This only confirms what I've felt all along, that the Indiana Defenders of Liberty are not that interested in seeing that true Defenders of Liberty, Libertarians, have a voice in their petty little movement. The "Indiana Defenders of Liberty" is nothing but a shill for the Republican establishment.

What does it matter if we elect Liberal Progressives (Democrats) or Conservative Progressives (Republicans), the overall result will be diminished personal Liberty. The point is some form of Progressive politician will be elected.

As to those Republicans who truly do believe in the natural rights of man as espoused by Locke and Jefferson, why are you not Libertarians? Why do you not have the total strength of your convictions? It takes courage to stand apart from the crowd and follow your heart. The men of Concord and Lexington did it even though it cost some their lives, and I thank Almighty God every day that they did.

I think we are now seeing the Tea Party Movement for what is has become. It is not the Tea Party of the Sons of Liberty, but that of the Mad Hatter and it's later than you think.