Saturday, November 14, 2009

With apologies to Rev. Niemoller

The tactics being used by Smoke Free Indy and their City-County Council Stooges (Yes, I said Stooges for in my opinion that is exactly what they are.) remind me of the poem by Martin Neimoller. I will not go into it in detail here, as I have already quoted it on numerous occasions. The bottom line for me is that details, in a very succinct and credible fashion, the attacks upon our personal freedoms.

First they banned smoking in restaurants, because it was "For the Children".
Then they banned smoking in bars and taverns, because it was for the employees.
Then they banned it in Cigar Shops and Specialty Tobacco Bars, to protect non-smokers.
Then they banned smoking everywhere, and said it was for our own good.
Finally, when tobacco was banned, they came for alcohol, soft drinks, sugar, trans-fats, guns...

At what point do we say enough? Are we as a community, a state and a nation willing to let someone else dictate to us what we can and can not enjoy? Who gets to determine this? Elected officials who represent the special interest groups and not the people? What good is Liberty if we allow it to be slowly legislated away?