Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Forgotten Man - A Smoking Ban Story

Let us consider the case of a cigar store owner. No food is served. No alcohol is available. The only products are cigars and tobacco products and accessories. Since no alcohol is served it doesn't qualify for status as "Specialty Tobacco Bar".

Let us also assume that this establishment is owned by a retiree and he is the sole employee. No one else works there. He started this store because of his love of cigars. The store is open 6-8 hours/day. He has become something of an expert and customers often seek out his advice, much in the way a wine enthusiast may seek the opinion of a sommelier.

Under the expanded ban he will not be allowed to sample a new cigar in his own store in order to provide advice for his customers.

Who is being harmed and needs to be protected by the expanded ban?

Does he not have the right run his business to best of his ability?

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Call to Arms - Proposed Smoking Ban Extension

The City-County Council is going to begin considering a total smoking ban in Marion Co. removing the current exemptions for Bars, Tobacco Shops and Private Clubs.

Regardless of whether or not you’re a smoker, this issue is a classic case of the nanny state trying to remove an individual’s freedom to make his or her own choice. That’s what it distills down to, choice.

If a bar or tavern allows smoking I can choose to patronize that establishment or not. The question becomes one of, am I willing to put up with a couple of hours of second hand smoke to gain some other desirable benefit such as a great band, really good food, attractive members of the opposite sex (or the same sex if that’s applicable), or is the presence of smokers enough to deter my patronage. The choice is mine, not the government’s.

Two dates to keep in mind:

Oct 5, 2009 (today) The City-County Council takes up the issue for the first time; 7:00 PM City-County Building
Oct 7, 2009 (Wednesday) Libertarian After Hours; 5:00 PM-?, The Beer Garden at the Rathskeller. Strategy, among other things, will be discussed.