Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Who Will Speak For The Middle Class?

It is with great amusement that I have followed the antics of the Indiana House Ways and Means committee. The overriding theme is one of protecting the status quo, looking out for the interests of government and special interest groups at the expense of the citizen taxpayers. The biggest loser in this farce is the average middle class taxpayer.

The middle class taxpayer, without reference to race, religion or any other demographic except economic status, has borne the burden of our ill-conceived tax system for far too long. It is the middle class taxpayers who are most endangered of loosing their homes due to the capricious assessment system. It is the middle class taxpayer that is being squeezed for every penny the government can get out of them. It is the middle class who are keeping the system afloat.

In 1965 President Johnson proclaimed the Great Society and declared War on Poverty. Has the cycle of poverty been extinguished over the last two generations since then?

Various Presidents have supported the so-called War on Drugs. Are illicit drugs any less available?

We are currently involved in a War on Terror. Will we ever be able to completely eliminate the threat of one group or another that objects so strongly to a political or religious viewpoint that they will unleash a series of guerrilla attacks to further there own cause?

Perhaps we should get our government to openly declare a War on the Middle Class so that it too might meet with the success rate of these other "Wars", for the undeclared war is killing us.

So, who will speak for the Middle Class?

We must learn to speak for ourselves. We must speak loudly and with conviction. We must let our government know that we are not afraid of them any longer and that those whom we elect should fear us.

Who will speak for the Middle Class?

I will, and I urge each of you to do so too.