Monday, October 13, 2008

An Open Letter to The Republicans Living in Indiana House District 100

To all the Republican Taxpayers and Citizens of Indiana House District 100,

My name is Ed Angleton and I am the sole opposition to 32 year incumbent Democrat John Day.

I should like to point out two salient facts about Representative Day.
  1. If elected to another term Representative Day will work to increase the state income tax by 1% for any household (either unmarried single or married couple) earning more than $75,000. (source Project Votesmart), while lowering income tax for those earning less than $75,000, creating a de facto "progressive" income tax. This change will not be used to offset any existing taxes.
  2. As a 32 year veteran of the Indiana legislature, he was present during the voting that established the current assessment procedures for determining property tax, voting yea for many of them. Yet he wants to be rewarded for his voting in favor of 2008's anemic property tax relief package.

Do you want to return this Representative to office so that he and the Democratic majority in the Indiana House can continue to wreck havoc on Hoosier Taxpayers?

Your Party has chosen to not field a candidate in the race for District 100. A straight party vote without a scratch vote for ballot line 29C, is effectively a vote for Mr. Day and the continued control of the House by the Democratic Party.

Ed Angleton