Friday, October 3, 2008

The Angleton Campaign For District 100 – The District In A Day

Join me on Oct. 25 for a whirlwind tour of the district as I hearken back to the days of campaigning without all the modern methods when candidates took to the “Stump” to get their message out. I intend to campaign from the back of a truck stopping at various places in the district to give a speech, pass out literature, and answer questions. This will be all the more impressive if we can organize a caravan of supporters to follow along and be present at the stops. The more of our own people we have, the more voters we should attract.

The exact itinerary for the day will be posted later, but if you plan to come out and show your support let me know as soon as possible (like before Friday Oct 10). I’m going to order Styrofoam skimmer hats for everyone to wear that day.

I really urge as many supporters as possible to come out that day. It's going to be a blast.

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Sergio A. Bennett said...

Hey Ed, It's Sergio. I would love it if you'd add my "Silly Cuban Politics" blog to your "Links of Interest" section. Tim Maguire was kind enough to post a very nice message about my new blog on his site in order to help me grow. The HFFT should have me up there soon as well. I would love to get feedback from you!