Monday, February 11, 2008

The "Prince" of Center Township

Andre Carson's main claim to the 7th District Congressional seat is that the previous holder was his grandmother. Whenever the question of qualification arises being the grandson of Julia Carson is the first point given. The caucus of precinct committemen that nominated him did so primarily out of loyalty to his family name. His followers point to his work with the state excise police and his position on the Indianapolis City-County Council as evidence of his further qualification, both positions obtained because of heredity more than merit. I come not to disparage the man himself. He is the product of his environment and I wish him no ill will. I do, however, wonder about the almost rabid devotion of his supporters. There are many that would compare his nomination to a coronation of the heir apparent. I would remind those individuals that give such fealty that this is the United States and we obey the wisdom of our Constitution.

"No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States" – Article 1 Section 9

"No state shall enter into any treaty…or grant any title of nobility." – Article 1 Section 10

This is reinforced by the Constitution of the State of Indiana

"The General Assembly shall not grant any title of nobility, nor confer hereditary distinctions." – Article 1 section 35

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