Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's Our Sandbox and You're Not Welcome

WTHR is having a debate on Feb. 24th between Andre Carson and Jon Elrod on the Sunday morning program Indiana Insiders. Sean Shepard has not been invited to attend as of this writing. The debate was first publicized on Feb 13th.
I urge all of those who are as outraged by this oversight/slight as I, to write WTHR at and express your opinions regarding this state of affairs.

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Ed, Hoosiers For Fair Taxation asked the GOP to tell us about Elrod's accomplishments that benefit the taxpayer.

We looked through news articles and his website and did not see anything that we would call accomplishments on our behalf.

We still hope that the GOP will point us to something he did for us, but so far the GOP and Elrod's campaign provides no answers.

It is common sense that if Elrod is convinced he is clearly the best candidate for the job that he would be open to debating with Sean Shepard and Andre Carson. You would think Elrod would want to prove he is the best candidate.

The fact that Elrod cannot point to accomplishment on behalf of the poeple in his district will not resonnate well with taxpayers in this current climate of political distrust.