Friday, October 26, 2007

What a Difference a Year Makes

From Greg Bowes 2006 election site:

The Bowes Plan for Better Assessment Practices in Marion County

The Marion County Assessor is responsible for overseeing the assessment work of the county’s nine township assessors and collecting their data for transmission to the State Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF). In addition, the County Assessor processes inheritance tax returns and determines whether taxpayers are entitled to the exemptions they seek. Finally, any time a taxpayer wishes to appeal a decision made by the Township Assessor, the appeal goes through the County Assessor’s Office and its Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals.
The Marion County Assessor is also one of three County Commissioners, along with the Marion County Auditor and the Marion County Treasurer. The County Commissioners supervise the property owned by the county and make appointments to nine boards.
The main goal of the County Assessor should be to ensure the accuracy of property tax assessments. Our property taxes are imposed by the City-County Council, the school board, and several other taxing authorities. Those taxing authorities determine how much is needed to pay for essential government services. Each property owner pays a fair share based on the value of the property he or she owns. The County Assessor’s job is to make certain the tax burden is shared equally and fairly.

Anyone here think Mr. Bowes has succeeded at his job as outlined in the last sentence?

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