Saturday, April 11, 2009

What Would Jefferson Do? Part Two

I am appalled at the current situation off the Somali coast. The U.S. Navy, the most powerful navy in the world, is by all accounts sitting on its collective ass and allowing a handful of CRIMINALS to dictate policy.

This is intolerable.

Is there not one man of courage and vision in the Administration or Pentagon who truly sees the situation?

Thomas Jefferson did when he was President. Rather than give in to the Barbary Pirates as every other nation had done, he sent in the Navy and the Marines, thus was born the a tradition of non-appeasement that we should damn well remember in these trying times. We should long remember the heroes from that war: First Lieutenant Stephen Decatur USN, and First Lieutenant Presley O'Bannon USMC.Each of whom has a current U.S. Navy ship named in their honor. It would be most fitting if the destroyer U.S.S. O'Bannon and the guided missile cruiser U.S.S. Decatur were sent to these troubled waters.

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