Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sometimes the Wheels Do Turn In the Right Direction

Today's Indianapolis Star reports that the County Assesor's Office has taken over the reassessment in Center Township.

"Bowes said his office has taken over the reassessment in Center Township because of “a question of staffing and skills” of that township assessor’s office.The majority of the work in Washington Township is still being done by the township assessor’s office.The residential work in Center and Washington townships has been complicated, Bowes said, by the fact that many older homes there have increased in value. He said those increases may not have been accurately reflected in the first reassessment after the state moved to a new market-based approach."

As a resident of Center Township I have been speaking out about this sorry state of affairs since the first assessment was released and the taxes on my home went up 850% while many of those of my neighbors minimally increased. I regret that this may mean that many of my neighbors may find their reconciliation bills are going to be higher than they originally expected, but perhaps they too will finally see the need to join the rebellion.

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Timothy Maguire said...

Well said!

Fair and equal taxation gores everyone's ox equally, so everyone can see the devastation of taxes.

The only silver lining from any of this government debacle is that more and more people are joining the fight for smaller government.