Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's on to the Statehouse and let's win there!

A paraphrase of the last public words of Robert F Kennedy. It was the day of the 1968 California presidential primary. Kennedy had just won that state's votes for the upcoming Democratic nominating convention in Chicago. He ended his victory speech by saying, "It's on to Chicago and let's win there." Minutes later he lie mortally wounded in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.

Yesterday, the people spoke and took back control of the city of Indianapolis from those who would use their positions of public trust to further their own enrichment and aggrandisement.

Now comes the true test of our resolve, confronting the state legislature. We must begin again the long and arduous task of ensuring that these elected public servants realize that it is the people that they serve and it is to the people they must answer. If we are to win permanent release from the burden of unbearable property taxes, then we must be deserving of that victory. We must fight for our cause. We must gather together and petition the legislature. We must organize and demonstrate our resolve.

We can begin this task on Nov. 20th when the legislature meets to organize for the upcoming legislative session. These are the points I suggest we focus upon:
  1. The consolidation of township government with county government, i.e. the elimination of the township structures.
  2. A constitutional amendment repealing, once and for all, the taxing of property in Indiana.
  3. The replacement of property taxes with a 2% increase in sales tax, a 2% increase in personal income tax, and a 2% increase in the corporate income tax. (Dr. Styring's plan)
  4. Mandatory referendums for capital spending projects.
  5. Moving school board elections to the fall general election.

I welcome other viewpoints and suggestions for this list, but let us not be lax, time moves quickly and Nov. 20th will arrive without our adequate preparation. Therefore, I call upon all good Hoosiers, who in this time of need recognize that danger that the current taxation system poses to our state, to gather on the 20th of November, 2007 at the Statehouse to welcome our elected officials back to Indianapolis with the reminder that they can ignore the will of the electorate only at the peril of their political careers.


John said...

While I definitely support the repeal of property taxes, there is something about the plan that should be addressed. Corporations do not pay taxes, they are merely a tax collector. They will always pass the expense on to their customers by increasing the cost of their goods. An increase in corporate income tax (or inventory tax, or commercial propery tax, or any tax that is only paid by businesses) is effectively identical to an increase in sales tax, only more hidden to the voter. On top of that, the voter will more enthusiastically support it because they don't know that they are paying it. It's a very effective way for the government to hide taxes.

This is John from Meetup BTW.

Ed Angleton said...

True enough, but the average taxpayer, not being aware of the hidden cost to them, will demand that businesses pay their "fair share". Additionally, if businesses are no longer subject to property taxes without replacing them with a different tax, then only the businesses will profit as there is no incentive to pass along the reduced cost of doing business to the consumer. Ultimately, the consumer will pay, it's just a matter of into whose pockets the difference will go.

Anonymous said...

"Business" already pays 70.4% of Local taxes. They derive little if any benefit at all from that heavy burden. Homeowners have been voting for all this spending and now baulk at paying for it?


Over at Hoosiers For Fair Taxation, we like how you THINK. Keep thinking, please. Then keep calling our Citizens for action in accordance with a plan.

Your proposal is a logical way to start. Let's get signs made with the outline of demands and create literature for our representatives.

Let's also rally around our pro-repeal legislators and make it clear we will uplift and support them through this pivotal session.

It is time to impress upon our legislators (regardless of party) that Libertarian policy is principled.

Your call is inspiring. Thanks for making it.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to eat my senator for dinner. mYum mYum.

In all do seriousness, the only real solution is the repeal of property taxes. I read a blog that stated that by repealing property taxes, we allow people to own their property once again and I think that's a great idea because the government owns over 50% of our income as is and I would have to conclude that over 50% of the elected jerks are not that intelligent as the other half of us, yet they think they know how to manage our monies better. This game has gone on far too long and we're not going to take it anymore. I did not vote this election (I normally vote Democrat) because I was upset at Mayor Peterson but after seeing him lose and also many other incumbents lose across the state, I felt that maybe it's a ripe time to consider joining the Libertarian Party. They seem to be the only political organization that cares the people. The other two country-club parties just screw us over and I'm just through with being taken advantage of~